Our meetings- Updated Monthly

Monday September 13 is our next meeting!
We will hear from accordionist Andy Connolly (Ranger Andy during the day at the Natural History Museum).
Then we will have a short program to honor our dear friend Pat Whall - who was always there for the Wasatch Accordion Club. If you have good memories or stories you would like to share please let either Paul or Sandy know.
Followed by a few songs played by Paul Pasquali in Pat's memory.

Joy Luck August 11 - Wednesday - With Gordon Kohl!
We are meeting on Wednesday because it is the last day of Camp Concerto. This will be a normal club meeting at Joy Luck - so we meet at 6:30 and everyone buys their own dinner then we have music from some of the Camp members with a Grand Performance by Guest Artist Gordon Kohl. Make sure to come join this special evening!

July 12 is our next meeting - and it Starrs YOU!

It is a July tradition - This month it is your turn to take to the stage and play one or two of your favorite songs. Everyone is welcome - if you want to play let Sandy know (you can text her at 801-628-1853). If you want to sit in the audience and enjoy some great music - just show up. Dinner seating starts about 6:15-6:30 and when we finish our meal together the music starts!

Our June 7 meeting was a great success!

This was our first live meeting in over a year and Garry & Mindy Garff provided us with an amazing re-opening! They played folk songs; some Broadway and Garry performed a Neil Diamond song.  We had about 30 people in attendance. It was magnificent to be together again and hear such wonderful accordion playing!


Wednesday – August 11, 2020 (Camp Concerto Concert) – 6:30 Dinner Seating Joy Luck